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HOYA HONOURS is so much more than a Loyalty Program.

Every day, independent Eye Care Professionals like you work to give people the gift of sight and grow your business. But just because you’re independent doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. As your ally, we created the HOYA HONOURS. A program designed to strengthen your independence while allowing you to feel connected, supported, and confident to grow your practice your way

How to Earn.

Earning rewards is easy.

  1. Enroll in the HOYA HONOURS Program.
  2. Purchase qualifying HOYA branded lenses and coatings.
  3. Provide your patients unmatched optical solutions with HOYA.
  4. Earn Rewards.

For complete program details enroll today or contact your HOYA sales manager for more information.

How to Redeem.

Redeeming rewards in the HOYA HONOURS program is as simple as a click of a button. Enroll. Earn Rewards.

Turn those rewards into gifts, cash back, and other great practice management tools today.

When you win, we win.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

  • Q. What is the Hoya Honors Program (HHP)?

    A. The HHP program is Hoya’s reward program for our accounts that choose to select our latest premium technology to differentiate and grow their business.

  • Q. How does the HHP work?

    A. Order your lenses from any Hoya location and earn points of qualified Rx purchases of Hoya designs, materials and lens treatments. An HHP point has a value that can be redeemed for statement credit applied to the Hoya customer account or with an added fee, a check addressed to the Hoya account business name on file.

  • Q. When does the program end?

    A. The program will run continuously without an end date; however, HOYA Vision Care reserves the right to change, modify, or end the program at any time.

  • Q: What happens to the points not spent?

    A. If an account does not spend their points, they will continue to accumulate, however; points will be removed after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.

  • Q: What is considered an inactive account?

    A. An account is considered inactive if points are not incurred or spent within a 12-month period.

  • Q. Do HHP programs change from year to year?

    A. Yes. Hoya always wants to reward its accounts for choosing its leading technology. New programs are introduced each year and can be changed at any time at Hoya’s discretion.

  • Q. Are there any exclusions to the HHP programs?

    A. Yes. Only specified qualifying Rx orders, pricelists and accounts will be awarded HHP points. Hoya has sole discretion over the HHP program.


  • Q. How do I use my points?

    A. An HHP point has a value that can be redeemed for items listed in the redemption catalogue.

  • Q. Do points expire?

    A. No, points will no longer expire, however; the account will be considered inactive after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.

  • Q. Does a plan require a minimum purchase to qualify for HHP points?

    A. Yes, please contact your Territory Sales Manager for details on your specific program.

  • Q. How often are earned points updated in my account?

    A. Points are awarded to qualified Rx invoices each month. The points are uploaded to the HHP account on the 4th day of the following month.

  • Q. What additional benefits will I receive as an HHP Diamond Elite member?

    A. You will collect points from both the base plan and the Diamond Elite plan at the same time meaning that you will earn double the points on your purchase.

Your Account

  • Q. Where can I access my account?

    A. You can access your account by logging into Hoyahonors.com

  • Q. What is my username?

    A. Your username is your account number.

  • Q. What is my password?

    A. A password can only be retrieved by the practice owner. The owner can call the Hoya Honors Programs number: 1-888-258-4692 or email HHPAdminCanada@hoya.com

  • Q. What does the PD101 error message mean?

    A. This message indicates that your account and points are not available because of a past due balance. HHP points can only be accessed by Hoya accounts in good standing.


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